Large Colosseum T90

Colosseum T90: Where Grandeur Meets Mobility

At European Promotion Group, we introduce the Colosseum T90 – a symbol of grandeur and versatility in mobile event solutions. With an expansive 40m² layout, swift assembly in just 30 minutes, and a multitude of applications covering exhibitions, events, sales areas, road shows, hospitality, TV-studios, and VIP areas, the Colosseum T90 is your gateway to unparalleled mobile event experiences.

Elevate Your Event, Elevate Your Brand

The Colosseum T90 features a metallic grey base, ready to be transformed to align with your brand’s identity. Choose any color or adorn it with your advertising to create a striking presence that captures attention while maintaining the essence of grandeur.

Amenities Beyond Compare

Inside the Colosseum T90, you’ll find features like extendability on one side, a spacious storage area, a fully-equipped kitchen, premium floor covering, an entrance via stairs, and dynamic lighting. But it doesn’t end there – we offer the flexibility to decorate or furnish the trailer with trendy furniture, lounge sets, flat screens, kitchen equipment, fridges, and more. Our diverse range of mobile solutions ensures your setup perfectly matches your brand’s vision.

Your Brand’s Grand Mobile Experience

European Promotion Group is dedicated to redefining mobile events, and the Colosseum T90 is the epitome of luxury and adaptability. Reach out today to embark on your brand’s grand mobile experience and set a new standard for mobile event excellence.

Trailer unit Colosseum T90

Assembly time:30 minutes
Applications:exhibitions, events, sales area, road show, Hospitality, tv-studio, VIP aerea
Colour scheme:The basic colour is metallic grey, but can be sprayed in any colour or covered with your advertising


  • Can be extended on one side
  • Spacious storage area
  • Kitchen
  • Floor covering
  • Entrance via stairs
  • Lighting

We can decorate or furnish all trailers with (trendy) furniture and lounge sets, flat screens, kitchen, fridge, etc. For this, we have various mobile solutions.