XL Arena T170

Trailer unit Arena T170: Your Versatile Event Oasis

Introducing the Trailer unit Arena T170 – a dynamic 30m² space that assembles in just 50 minutes. Ideal for exhibitions, events, sales areas, roadshows, circuit hospitality, TV-studios, VIP receptions, showrooms, and more.

Unleash Your Brand in Metallic Grey Elegance

The Arena T170 comes in a sleek metallic grey base color, ready to harmonize with your brand’s message or your advertising for a remarkable presence.

Amenities Redefining Excellence

Experience the convenience of a hydraulic extendable floor, expanding your interior space. This unit unfolds on two sides, includes air conditioning, offers ample storage space, features a fully-equipped kitchen, provides comfortable floor covering, and ensures a grand entrance through an elegant staircase. It’s bathed in ambient lighting, and even equipped with a specially-adapted elevator for disabled access. With the option to decorate and furnish with trendy furniture, lounge sets, flat screens, kitchens, fridges, and more using our range of mobile solutions, the Arena T170 is where excellence meets customization.

Crafting Memorable Experiences

The Arena T170 empowers you to create memorable event experiences, ensuring your brand shines brighter. Reach out to us today to make your next event unforgettable.

Trailer unit Arena T170

Assembly time:50 minutes
Applications:beurzen, events, verkoopruimte, roadshow, (circuit) hospitality, tv- studio, VIP ontvangst, showroom, etc.
Colour scheme:basis is grijs metallic, maar kan in elke kleur worden gespoten of beplakt worden met uw reclame of uiting.


  • Hydraulisch uitklapbare vloer voor meer binnenruimte
  • Klapt aan 2 zijden uit
  • Airco
  • Bergruimte
  • Keuken
  • Vloerbedekking
  • Entree d.m.v. trap
  • Verlichting
  • Lift voor invaliden

We can decorate or furnish all trailers with (trendy) furniture and lounge sets, flat screens, kitchen, fridge, etc. For this, we have various mobile solutions