XXL Skywalker T110

Trailer unit Skywalker T110: Elevate Your Event Experience

Discover the Trailer unit Skywalker T110 – a massive 75m² (or 235m² with a tent) of boundless potential. It assembles in just 70 minutes (without a tent) or unfolds for a full day of wonder with a tent. Ideal for exhibitions, events, sales areas, road shows, unforgettable hospitality, TV studios, VIP experiences, showrooms, and more.

A Gray Metallic Canvas for Your Imagination

The Skywalker T110 boasts a versatile gray metallic base color that forms the perfect canvas for your brand. Customize it with any color or your advertising to make a striking statement.

Amenities That Redefine Versatility

Experience unparalleled versatility with hydraulic extensions on two sides and a hydraulic extendable awning. Elevate your event with a luxury tent extension at the front, complemented by a raised terrace, hydraulic extendable floor, and a rooftop terrace for advertising. Keep your guests comfortable with mobile air conditioning and create a grand entrance via a staircase. The dynamic lighting and twelve flag masts set the stage for unforgettable events. Decorate and furnish with our versatile mobile solutions, featuring trendy furniture, lounge sets, flat screens, kitchen equipment, fridges, and more.

Creating Events Beyond Imagination

The Skywalker T110 sets the stage for memorable events that defy expectations.

Trailer unit Skywalker T110

Dimensions:75 m2 without tent or 235 m2 with tent
Assembly time:70 minutes (without tent or 1 day with tent.)
Applications:Exhibitions, events, sales area, road show, Hospitality, TV-studio, VIP, showroom, etc.
Colour scheme:Basic colour is grey metalic, but can be sprayed in any colour or covered with your advertising.


  • hydraulic extendable at 2 sides
  • Hydraulic extendable awning. Extension with luxury tent possible at the front of the trailer
  • Raised terrace
  • Hydraulic extendable floor.
  • Roof terrace / podium roof with railing for advertising
  • Mobile airco
  • Entrée by stairs
  • Lightning
  • 12 Flag masts

We can decorate or furnish all trailers with (trendy) furniture and lounge sets, flat screens, kitchen, fridge, etc. For this, we have various mobile solutions.